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Brian L. GarveyBrian L. Garvey holds a law degree from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law, and certifications in mediation from both DePaul University, and the Center for Conflict Resolution.  Brian also holds a Masters Degree in Business from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and a Masters Degree in Human Resources from Loyola University of Chicago, with an emphasis in human relations.

Brian Garvey’s law practice encompasses divorce and mediation.  With over 30 years of resolving conflicts, Brian has developed a collaborative practice that helps couples divorce in a dignified manner.  He is a skilled mediator and collaborator that directs his involvement to achieve positive lasting results for both spouses and the children.

Prior to practicing law, Brian held several senior level positions in Human Resources with organizations such as, the American Bar Association and Chicago Mercantile Exchange to name a few.


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